Vanity Lane is a ballet in two acts with a prologue and grand finale performance. The music is composed by: Gordon Williams and Jared Hettrick with additional production by Gerald Coby. The original story, libretto, and the lyrics for the original theme song “Vanity Lane” were written by La’Toya Princess Jackson. Inspired by The Sleeping Beauty ballet and The Wiz, Vanity Lane is an original fairytale that follows the traditional ballet conventions to tell a beautiful story of self discovery, self love and spiritual transformation. Original choreographers of the ballet include: Savery Morgan, La’Toya Princess Jackson, Erin McNulty, and Margaret Canady.

The ballet’s focus is on the personal emotional and spiritual journey of ElectrKPrincess which is articulated through music and translated through the art of dance. The conflict of negative influences regarding body image, self-love and self acceptance are the major forces of the ballet which serve as an important element to the underlying plot.